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Media visit to one of Danone’s partner farm

November, 2010. PRAIS Corporate Communications organized for Danone a media tour to one of the company’s partner farms in Covasna. The mass-media representatives had the opportunity to visit the farm and to see how the process of milk collection and the transportation from farm to factory take place. For Danone the cold chain starts immediately after milking and collection is done with a 15 high-capacity (15-24 tons).vacuum tanker fleet.

 Even since the Danone investment in a factory in Bucharest, opened in 1999, Danone has established strong partnerships with farmers for raw milk collection. Understanding the importance of sustainable development of raw milk resources, in April 2005, Danone launched the "Go West" (Reaching Wes Program). Its purpose is to invest in milk quality and quantity with Danone’s partners.