rd grade pupils from District 4 of Bucharest.

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For 8 years now, 3rd grade pupils from 22 cities are participating every year in a national contest on nutrition, writing stories and drawing. Winning pupils and teachers from every city are rewarded with a one-week camp in the mountains, where they eat healthily, take sports and create their own theatre play and costumes based on the nutrition story.
In the 2006-2007 edition, 677 schools were involved in the programme, 42,657 pupils and 1,924 teachers participated, 32,122 nutrition website visitors, and over 90,000 materials were disseminated in more than 50% of the cities in Romania through the education system.
This year, we also launched a new educational component: Sports Contest "I eat healthily and I move cheerfully" for 3rd grade pupils from District 4 of Bucharest.