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Bucharest, 6th of November 2008. PRAIS organised for the International law firm CMS Cameron McKenna and The Asociation Of Romanian Electric Energy Providers the second edition of the seminar POWER ON/ POWER OFF - "Romanian Energy Market- Providors Opinion", followed by a press conference where journalists from radio and tv and from the most important economic publications in Romania attended. Ion Lungu AFEER President, Gabriel Sidere and Zannis Mavrogordato from CMS Cameron McKenna, Simon Greenberg Vice General Secretary of International Commerce Chamber in Paris and their guests, analized Romania's problems concerning energy market with the purpose of finding the optimal solutions for the development of energy market. The seminar enjoyed the presence of over 60 experts in energy. The main themes were: the growth of liquidation, progress of sell - buy mecanism on engross market, the assurance of transparancy conditions and avoidance of discrimination in energy transactions for the final consumers' benefit, also the achievement of the objective assumed by Romania to form a regional energy market.