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Fall news: cioco bubbles full of joy from Milka Bubbly

PRAIS organized on October 8th, 2013 the launch of Milka Bubbly chocolate - in a unique shape, full of cioco bubbles inside and out.
Autumn novelty - Milka Bubbly is available in two types: milk chocolate and white chocolate with milk chocolate coating of 100g. This products are dedicated to all chocolate lovers, especially women, who need them between busy moments of the day, who want a few minutes of quiet to enjoy something sweet and easy.
The journalists presented at the event were "asked" to leave the daily monotony for many surprises. They tried Zorbing - the newest sport extreme in the world and the rolling ball, to discover the universe inside Milka Bubbly, they took pictures with Milka cow and had a great time in a beautiful autumn day.