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Menard Launch

Menard, exclusively in Romania by Elysee Concept Elysee Concept brought in Romania the most exclusive home for Japanese cosmetics - Menard. Thursday, June 25, at Maiko Restaurant, over 40 journalists participated at the conference organized by PRAIS. In a Japanese authentic atmosphere Menard representatives made a live demonstration of the miraculous effects of cosmetic products Menard. Founded 50 years ago in Japan, Menard Cosmetic is, above all, a devoted cult of beauty in all forms it may take. Elysee Concept is the sole distributor of products Menard in Romania. They will be found in Elysee stores, starting September this year. For the moment, Elysee will distribute the range of the most famous Menard products - EMBELLIR - youth elixir for the skin, in the following period they will diversify the range of Menard products.