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Laboratoires URGO launches food supplements Alvityl in Romania

Bucharest, January 26th, 2010: PRAIS Corporate Communications organised for Laboratoires URGO the Romanian launching press conference for the food supplements Alvityl, the third product range of the French company, which adds to the brands already present on the domestic market – HUMEX and URGO.

Alvityl offers three balanced formulas suitable for all ages and adapted to various needs:
- a syrup from the age of 3 - Alvityl 11 vitamins and tablets for children over 6 years, teenagers, adults and seniors with 12 vitamins and 7 minerals – Alvityl Plus,
- a syrup clinically tested with children up to the age of 1, Alvityl Defenses, with 3 active natural ingredients (Echinacea, propolis and vitamin C) which helps reinforce the immune defenses.

At the press conference participated 30 journalists from the most important newspapers and lifestyle magazines in Romania. The media representants found out precious information about our immune system and the role of vitamins and minerals for the equilibrium and normal function of our organism.