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CEO Hour – a new concept of online meetings by CEO Clubs Romania

On 26th of November, 2013, PRAIS Corporate Communications organized for CEO Clubs the first CEO Hour event - a new concept of webinars during which the speakers, members of the CEO Clubs, leading entrepreneurs and CEOs of important local and multinational companies, talk on various topics of interest and share their experience with the participants. By using the Google Hangouts platform, the CEO Hour webinars provide a direct interaction between the participants and the speakers and anyone can attend. The first CEO Hour focused on "Lean start-ups" and had Catalin Ghicea as guest speaker, the founder of Oldtimer Restoration Studio. Catalin answered in real time to all the questions and comments submitted by the participants, the event being recorded and later posted on the dedicated YouTube channel. The first CEO Hour was watched in real time by over 90 people on Google Hangouts and on Youtube, and its recording can be accessed anytime.