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Choose Poiana! Make your day more beautiful!

September 24th, 2009. Poiana chocolate launched its candidature on September 24th. Poiana urges you to choose it, as it has been enjoying the confidence of the largest number of consumers for 14 years now, being the no. 1 chocolate brand in Romania. "2009 is a year with new challenges compared to the previous years, as well as an electoral year, with presidential elections in the 4th quarter. We thought it would be interesting and appropriate for Poiana, the Romanians favorite chocolate brand, a reliable brand with a long tradition, to also run in the elections. You will probably wonder what the electoral promise of Poiana candidate might be. Poiana promises that it will be there for the Romanians in these difficult times, and that it can make their day better", says Andreea Cotlarciuc, Senior Brand Manager Poiana & Milka. PRAIS organized a press conference at Casa Doina Restaurant, at which attended 42 media representatives, leading to the writing of over 40 press materials until September 29th.