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“An Unimaginable Journey”, by Aviad Meitar or the road to success of a multinational

Bucharest, March 11th 2010. “An Unimaginable Journey” by Aviad Meitar was launched, Thursday, 11th of March at Carturesti Tea House, and covered 60 press materials. The book describes the road to success of an American brand introduced in an Eastern European country and offers an insight into how a business can succeed even in unfavorable circumstances. It provides a first-hand account of how a group of visionary entrepreneurs navigated political and economical highs and lows. The author initiated a contest for the students from the Faculty of Journalism. They will have to write an essay having as topic a comparison between post-communism and contemporary business environment in Romania. The winner will be rewarded with 3.000 lei, obtained from the volumes of this book sold in Carturesti bookstore.